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Update 5/9/2015: For the latest news about the book, go to its official website at


Update 1/6/2015: Submissions have now closed.  You can follow the anthology’s progress at, and if you’ve sent us something, we will be in touch by June 7.


In memory of Sir Terry Pratchett, we are putting together an anthology of short stories to raise money for one of his favourite charities. If you are an author (or suspect you have the makings of one!) and are one of the millions of readers out there who has been touched in some way by the writings of Sir Terry, then read on.

We have reached out to Alzheimer’s Research UK, offering to put together a fan tribute anthology on the theme of Memory. The book will be dedicated to Sir Terry Pratchett, with all proceedings going to the charity. They were thrilled and have offered their support.

If you’re up to the challenge, here are the details:

Short Story Guidelines

  • The story should follow the theme of Memory
  • The story should be between 3,000 and 8,000 words
  • Humorous writing is preferred, given the nature of Sir Terry’s work
  • The genre can be any flavour of fiction that tickles your fancy.

Submission Rules

Send your initial submission to WeLikeThemShort (at) gmail (dot) com between April 25 and May 31. One submission is permitted per author. If your submission is accepted, we will contact you and ask for your complete story text, with a deadline of June 30. Your initial submission should include:

  • A brief author biography
  • A short synopsis (no more than two lines) of what you will write about, with estimated word count (eg 3k-4k words; 7k-8k words)
  • A writing sample: up to 500 words of your original published or unpublished work.

Legal Terms and Payment

  • All profits will go towards Alzheimer’s Research UK
  • Authors are not expected to contribute to the publishing costs
  • Authors will receive an eBook of the full anthology, and may purchase up to four printed copies of the book at cost price (plus shipping)
  • The costs of final editing and artwork will be covered by the organisers. Note that final short stories are expected to be in a suitably publish-ready state, and the organisers reserve the right to dismiss or return works if they do not meet this requirement
  • Authors retain the right to be recognised as creators of their work
  • Authors do not have to be residents of the UK—the organisers certainly aren’t!

Who We Are

Your humble anthology orchestrators are Sorin Suciu, author of The Scriptlings, and Laura May, author of Pickles and Ponies.

10 responses to “Call for Submissions”

  1. I’m so excited by this. Winding up the writing nodules in my brain, fingers crossed that The Muse gives me something in time.

  2. I have a great story for this. I just can’t remember where the memory stick is with the file… How appropriate is that?

    Orf to search. This is a great and worthy cause. Hope I can help.

    Old Fat Prop

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  4. […] Posted on May 14, 2015 by zzebra138 | Comments Off on Call for submissions for Short Story anthology, to honour the late Sir Terry Pratchett. Proceeds from the anthology will go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The premise is short stories about loss and/or memory. The editors of the anthology are open to stories from authors from anywhere in the world, not just Europe. Full information is at the following link. […]

    • Hi Mike,

      We haven’t set one. Obviously as far as fund-raising for the charity goes, it would be better if the components of the anthology weren’t available for free online, and I imagine it would pose issues if you wanted to publish it in another anthology (eg with a traditional publisher) later on. All the same, you retain full rights to your work – we’re clearly hippies at heart!

      • I think that’s something you need to clarify. “Full rights” doesn’t mean much if you can’t ever publish it elsewhere.

        An exclusivity period of a year, or even two or three, is not out of line for an anthology. But there needs to be a number.

        • We’re not saying “can’t” so much as “it would be really rather nice if you didn’t”. Thanks for the idea though – I’ll discuss it with Sorin and we’ll consider what to do before contacting the selected authors.

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