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  • Two Years Later – Interview with Naz

    Two Years Later – Interview with Naz

    A bit over two years ago I did an expat interview with Naz, just before she left for China.  Well, here we are back in Russia, and here’s a new video: Also, this post’s featured image—not what I was looking for, but so full of ‘wtf’ that I couldn’t resist.

  • The Road

    The Road

    Last weekend was my ten-year travelversary.  As I used to keep a diary, I actually have a record of it: on 10/5/04, I wrote an entry entitled ‘Je suis prest’, saying that I’m off!! Thus did “Laura’s Big Adventure” begin. My friend Luke was actually standing behind me at the time, and when he saw […]

  • Santa Marta

    Santa Marta

    Uncharacteristically, I am hiding from Happy Hour, so it’s a happy coincidence that I have a lot to write about! Colombians are freaking awesome.  Really.  They’re the friendliest, happiest, most helpful people ever.  I caught a series of buses to get to the airport today, and at every station people walked up to me (it’s […]

  • Lolly, Naz and juggling.

    Lolly, Naz and juggling.

    It was Naz’ last night in Russia last night, and we were sitting in a bar when she turned to me and asked in all seriousness, “Have you ever been given bullets by a student?”.  Apparently she has, multiple times.  Oh, Russia.  I think my friend Lana put it best when she said that we […]

  • Camera-shy: Justin in Russia

    Camera-shy: Justin in Russia

    Yesss!!  Another willing victim 🙂  I spoke with Justin after class today, and while sadly he didn’t saying anything truly outrageous until after the camera was off, he’s given some insight into the Russian night-life, dating in Russia, cops, doors, and not speaking Russian at the metro station.  Enjoy! Also, if anyone’s interested, there’s an article […]