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  • Lucky


    Well, it’s been an interesting few days.  Wednesday involved a blend of laziness and wandering around London, before meeting up with a guy called John that evening.  I went to high school with John, and hadn’t seen him since we were both 18 (so around ten years ago!).  He sent me a message on facebook…

  • Breaking Rules

    Breaking Rules

    Ok, so I have blog guilt.  Firstly because I haven’t been writing very much (all of my energy has been focused on the novel, which after a few weeks is ~25,000 words and growing quickly), and secondly because as of today there have been more than 50,000 visitors and my last post mainly objectified Argentine…

  • The Bigger the Better

    The Bigger the Better

    One of my adult students said the other day that she wants to raise her kids to be like me.  To not be connected to any particular country, but to live across them all.  I told her good luck, therefore, in moving to Australia (which she’s currently attempting to do), as it’s one of a…

  • On forgetting

    On forgetting

    I have in front of me a giant poster which some of my students just gave me.  They’ve stuck photos of themselves all over it, so that I can take it with me and never forget them.  As if I would! As a traveller, you meet a lot of people.  The more you travel, the more…

  • Thinking global

    Thinking global

    I’ve been thinking rather a lot about globalisation these past few days, and how it affects my life specifically.  I’m insanely privileged in that I’ve been travelling for nearly ten years now, and I think maybe that gives me a strange perspective on it all.  While obviously yes, I was born and grew up in Australia,…