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  • The Numbers Game

    The Numbers Game

    Last night, I took my friend Mimi to a backpackers’ bar.  I guess I miss my people and/or normal life!  Before I proceed however I should probably give warning that this is more over-sharey and less role-modely in what is ordinarily a pretty oversharey, unrolemodely blog anyway (also, this post is not exactly under-18s friendly).…

  • Home


    I just sat on a wall overlooking the city of Cartagena for two hours, doing absolutely nothing.  And that’s how I know that I’m me again.  Three and a half months after leaving Russia, I’ve finally relaxed, and relaxed enough to think. On this occasion, I was thinking about home.  And going there.  And what…

  • My Tayrona

    My Tayrona

    After my post the other day, I got talking to two German guys in my room.  (Germans being, along with Australians, a constant feature of hostels).  Somehow it ended up in a really intense discussion about parenting techniques, which was a little random!  One of them, Sebastian, who I was originally confused by as he…

  • El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    Pictured: the worst possible business card to give to a vegetarian. Today’s blog post is named for a poster I saw at a bus stop yesterday: it had a man and a woman, and the slogan that ‘dialogue is better than assault’.  I’m not even sure what else to say about that. After a day…

  • Simultaneous Living

    Simultaneous Living

    It’s my last night in the UK, and I’m correspondingly angrumpressed.  Which, for those who aren’t almost too into spoonerisms, is a combination of angry, grumpy and depressed.  It’s how I get whenever I have to leave this place, as I feel like I”m being forced to leave my home. When I lived in the UK…