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  • Living the viva lada

    Living the viva lada

    My landlady’s in town at the moment, meaning that I come home even later than I normally would.  So, on Tuesday when the opportunity to go out after work came up, naturally I went! It was a girl I didn’t know’s birthday, and I went with one of the other teachers to the 24-hour florist…

  • You can count on it (groan)

    You can count on it (groan)

    One of my students kept saying ‘clotheses’ in our warmup today, and I’d noticed him doing it before so decided to do some work on countable and uncountable nouns.  The exercise basically involved grouping a series of words into two columns – countable/uncountable.  After the students had finished, I had them compare with their partner.…

  • “Yes, I mean, da”.

    “Yes, I mean, da”.

    (Along with the Russian for “I don’t speak” and “I don’t understand”, the most common phrase I’ve used the last 48 hours.  And incidentally, the ‘not speaking’ part is out of sheer laziness, because Russians keep asking me directions and it’s shorter than ‘nfi’ ) Well, after a more-than-minor meltdown yesterday toward the end of…

  • Concept Czeching

    Concept Czeching

    (19/10/13) So, why on earth was I in Prague in the middle of winter?  I’d booked a flight to Europe about six months beforehand, with the intention of going to the Ukraine to work for a year.  One visa problem after another, this had morphed into going to Russia, for which I had even more visa…