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  • Land of… opportunity?

    Land of… opportunity?

    When I was little and got sick, my nan would make me stay in bed until I’d managed to finish two litres of flat lemonade.  Ever since, whenever I’ve been sick as an adult, I’ve done the same thing—something an ex of mine sneeringly described as my ‘medicine’.  Of course, now that I’m in Russia […]

  • Puppies and Rainbows

    Puppies and Rainbows

    The last three posts have been about conflict, racism, and cannibalism; so let’s have a break and check out my students being hilarious. Group 1: “All Star” by Smash Mouth (my phone ran out of free space halfway through sorry!)   Group 2: “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Japsen   Group 3: “It’s Rainin’ […]

  • В душе моей

    В душе моей

    “I don’t like Russians,” said my old house-mate Matt, what now feels like a long time ago.  “They’re too.. tragic, or melancholy, or” “in love with their own sadness?” I suggested.  “Yes.” I was thinking about this again as I caught the metro home from work tonight.  Twice today there’s been a man playing the […]

  • Waxing poetic.

    Waxing poetic.

    Finally, a post where you get to see me recite a Russian poem.  Just what you’ve been waiting for! Firstly, a bit of randomness.  If you’re not on my facebook you won’t have seen the brilliant situation depicted below.  Basically, the traffic lights near my house regularly stop working, and absolute chaos ensues.  Everybody seems to […]

  • -22 and Sunny

    -22 and Sunny

    “Why do you need so much reassurance?” I asked my students.  “You need me to always tell you I love you, instead of just accepting it.”  S: “Well of course we do: after home and after school, here is our third home.  And you are our third mother!”  Me: “Oh my god.  I have a lot of […]