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  • Rock-Star Teaching

    Rock-Star Teaching

    I actually wrote yesterday’s post a few days before it went live, which has resulted in my needing to do a second ‘goodbye, teaching!’ post.  People also regularly ask me about my teaching philosophy and how it all works, so I figured it was time to write about it. The reason I’ve called this post ‘rock-star…

  • The Last Week

    The Last Week

    Well, I’m done with camps and with ‘fake Russia’.  It’s been very strange being thrust into Russian culture once more, and it’s definitely clarified my thought with regard to whether I ever want to go back. The past couple of weeks have been much better, partly thanks to the staff, and partly thanks to my…

  • Fake Russia

    Fake Russia

    It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at camp.  And not the ‘fun’ type of crazy: more like the ‘fml’ kind of crazy.  It’s also been very, very busy.  My teaching hours are far in excess of what I was told, and it’s six days a week once more.  I have afternoons free,…

  • Yes is no, no is okay.

    Yes is no, no is okay.

    Congratulations, you’ve just learned some Greek!  ‘Yes’ is pronounced ‘neh’ and ‘no’ is pronounced ‘ochi’, with the ‘ch’ being like in the Scottish pronunciation of ‘loch’.  Incidentally, ‘loch’ (again the Scottish way) is roughly the equivalent of ‘douche-bag’ in Russian.  Two languages for the price of one!  So yes, Greek isn’t confusing at all.  It reminds…

  • On forgetting

    On forgetting

    I have in front of me a giant poster which some of my students just gave me.  They’ve stuck photos of themselves all over it, so that I can take it with me and never forget them.  As if I would! As a traveller, you meet a lot of people.  The more you travel, the more…