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  • A mountain do-over

    A mountain do-over

    Last time I was in Switzerland, I ended up leaving a ski slope on a stretcher and an ambulance, before being given the all-clear (but still not being able to walk for a few days).  This time I avoided both stretchers and ambulances (result!), but not mountains.  Funnily enough, given it’s a country known for its mountains.…

  • Opinion Piece

    Opinion Piece

    When I was at dinner with Lana the other night, she said I would make a terrible journalist.  I agreed, because I just can’t take being told what to do.  She said that was true, but moreover, I’m incapable of writing without bias.  I completely disagreed, but have nonetheless decided to take a leaf out of…

  • Mosc♥w


    I knew it was going to be a good trip within five minutes of getting off the train, when a policeman walked up to us to ask whether we’d mind calling a taxi for the girl passed out on the pavement.  A mere few minutes later, Rach, who’d met me at the station, asked if…

  • Letters home

    Letters home

    Good morning guys!!!  Happy Monday!!! I’m procrastinating my socks off—something, might I add, I’ve done remarkably well all weekend—I have 2 assignments and 2 lesson plans to do, so obviously sleeping has becoming an amazingly good time.  Tanya asked for a proper email last week, so congratulations, this has become my new form of procrastination!…