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  • The Book!

    The Book!

    In case you missed it, the book is out.  You can buy it!!  And read it!!  And even dance around it, if you want to!!!  For details or to buy it, see this page, or click ‘Books’ in the top menu bar. You should also be able to order it in at your local bookstore by […]

  • On belly-buttons (Amazon #2)

    On belly-buttons (Amazon #2)

    Early on day 2 of my Amazon adventure, my translator Guillermo and I found ourselves waiting by the water for ‘Tall Jairo’, the indigenous local who would be our guide for the next four days.  His arrival time drew closer, arrived, and passed, with no sign of the man.  Eventually in the distance we saw […]

  • A Slow Start (Amazon #1)

    A Slow Start (Amazon #1)

    By now, I’ve talked several times about the hot/cold country dichotomy, and peoples’ theories about how the weather influences your personality.  Sigh.  I give in!—there might be something to it.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my Russian posts were inevitably acerbic, whereas here in Colombia I’ve become almost unbearably loquacious.  I’ve gone back to writing […]

  • Lucky


    Well, it’s been an interesting few days.  Wednesday involved a blend of laziness and wandering around London, before meeting up with a guy called John that evening.  I went to high school with John, and hadn’t seen him since we were both 18 (so around ten years ago!).  He sent me a message on facebook […]

  • “Write a book!” they said.

    “Write a book!” they said.

    Well, this is definitely not what they had in mind. As anyone who has ever read this blog at any point will know, I almost never get around to sleeping.  Well, doing ridiculous things like this is part of the reason why!  I stumbled across the verb for ‘snuggle’ in class this morning (I guess […]