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  • Limitations


    After my brilliant first day’s riding, things went down-hill—and not in the awesome way!  Waking up after the previous day’s efforts, I was exhausted and hurt all over.  Nevertheless, I was determined to make myself go riding.  Lewis drove me up to La Plagne, and I hopped on the lift.  La Plagne was significantly icier…

  • Les Arcs

    Les Arcs

    Yesterday was one of the best days’ snowboarding of my life!  In fact, it gets right up there into the ‘best days’ categories, full stop. After a thoroughly reasonable amount of sleep and some vegemite (naturally), Wicklund drove Ros and I to the funiculaire, which we took up to Les Arcs, Paridiski.  I was a…

  • Lowenbrau


    I realise I have nine overdue New Zealand posts (which are forlornly awaiting photos), but something a little strange just happened to me, and so I am buzz-blogging for the first time since Piter. I’ve just been out at the Lowenbrau with my housemate Crystal for a friend’s birthday.  It was this strange experience of having…

  • The Rila Experienca

    The Rila Experienca

    (22/10/13) My fantastic hostel in Sofia recommended that I go on a day-trip out to a monastery at nearby Rila.  Actually, the guy suggesting it said that there’s a sacred cave out there, and by passing through it you’ll be cleansed of your sins.  He said that I seemed like I needed a bit of cleansing.…

  • A place of many names

    A place of many names

    (18/10/13) A couple of trains and a bus or so after leaving Mannheim, I arrived in Selva val Gardena, aka Wolkenstein.  It’s in an area of northern Italy which used to be part of Germany (?), but was reapportioned following WW2 (another ??).  As such, residents speak Italian, German, and a weird local dialect which…