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  • Romantic Despair

    Romantic Despair

    It’s a fairly normal day here in Belgium.  That is to say, my housemates are eating, it’s raining outside, and I’m catching up on uni readings (aka ‘procrastinating’).  I was idly wondering to myself this morning whether such procrastinating would result in an official Valentine’s Day post—I’m (perhaps obviously) not a V-Day kind of girl, especially…

  • Hands Down

    Hands Down

    Some of the alternate names for this post which had me giggling inappropriately on the train: All Hands on Deck The Handover Pants Party The Masturbation Poem (less euphemism, more accuracy) Today a friend commented on an article which suggested, through fallacious ‘science’, that people should masturbate less.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was…

  • The Numbers Game

    The Numbers Game

    Last night, I took my friend Mimi to a backpackers’ bar.  I guess I miss my people and/or normal life!  Before I proceed however I should probably give warning that this is more over-sharey and less role-modely in what is ordinarily a pretty oversharey, unrolemodely blog anyway (also, this post is not exactly under-18s friendly).…