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  • Being Dingo Aware

    Being Dingo Aware

    Every time I’m due to leave Australia, I start my goodbyes at least six months prior to departure, as there are so many epic adventures to be had!  This past weekend was one such weekend, and it saw me, JFord and Dasha missioning up to the north coast for some camping, cider, sand and sun. JFord…

  • The Pinnacle

    The Pinnacle

    Our final hike for the trip would be going up the Pinnacles in Coromandel, and I was not excited.  On each of the preceding hikes I’d gotten myself through the uphill sections by telling myself that (a) I would have the world’s greatest ass, and (b) at least it wasn’t as uphill as the Pinnacles.  Yup.  I…

  • Rainbows, redwoods, and waters hot and cold

    Rainbows, redwoods, and waters hot and cold

    Rotorua saw us taking another leisurely late start to the day, as I trotted off at the thoroughly reasonable hour of 8:30 in search of a shower.  Now, while Base let us use their showers, these were not the showers for their regular customers: they were pleb showers.  I’m surprised they didn’t make us use a different…

  • Kiwi Eruptions

    Kiwi Eruptions

    Okay, so just to clarify, New Zealand did not in fact erupt.  We did however see quite a bit of volcanic activity on this seventh day of our Kiwiland road trip. Our first stop for the day was going to be Wai-o-Tapu, “Thermal Wonderland”, and we were aiming to get there before the daily eruption…

  • Tree, water and fire

    Tree, water and fire

    …because I’ve never written a blog post which sounded like it might be the name of a magic system before. Waking up in a car park (again), the mission for the day was to make it to Taupo.  After an epic number of adventures the preceding day, the plan was to take it a bit easy.  That’s…