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  • Adventures in Russian

    Adventures in Russian

    I have a certain preposition predisposition for becoming afflicted by completely ludicrous illnesses.  It’s rare that I’m not, say, unable to use my wrist, unable to eat anything but toast, allergic to alcohol, or have a broken bone (or ten).  My current issue is that I seem to have reinvented smallpox, or at least baby…

  • Toasts


    aka ‘How to drink Vodka like a Russian.’ In Russia, the traditional process for drinking vodka is as follows: The vodka should be stored in the freezer prior to serving Before drinking, everybody should stand Make a toast – it should be to something positive, and to something that is happening/has happened Shot the vodka…

  • You can count on it (groan)

    You can count on it (groan)

    One of my students kept saying ‘clotheses’ in our warmup today, and I’d noticed him doing it before so decided to do some work on countable and uncountable nouns.  The exercise basically involved grouping a series of words into two columns – countable/uncountable.  After the students had finished, I had them compare with their partner.…

  • “Yes, I mean, da”.

    “Yes, I mean, da”.

    (Along with the Russian for “I don’t speak” and “I don’t understand”, the most common phrase I’ve used the last 48 hours.  And incidentally, the ‘not speaking’ part is out of sheer laziness, because Russians keep asking me directions and it’s shorter than ‘nfi’ ) Well, after a more-than-minor meltdown yesterday toward the end of…

  • A Viennese Sojourn

    A Viennese Sojourn

    (14/10/2013) To start with, it probably bears mentioning that Australia and Austria are different places: apparently, that’s not widely understood.  Also, only one of them has kangaroos!  When travelling in Europe, anywhere non-English speaking that I go, it’s assumed that i’m actually Austrian.  I had a great number of conversations in Russia that went Они:…