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  • How to learn Russian.

    How to learn Russian.

    …because there’s nothing like a grandiose claim to start off a Monday. ↓ Click here to skip to the list of resources.  ↓ I’m actually still shattered from my flu the other week, so forgive the lack of ‘real’ content.  I decided to write a blog post about learning Russian, because people are often confused as…

  • In a shocking turn of events

    In a shocking turn of events

    I’ve discovered that drinking vodka will not in fact make you any less ill.  Rather the contrary.  I may be dying. On the questionable upside, here’s me performing a limerick I wrote in Russian for my student Sonya’s birthday, in Russian then in English.  Enjoy:  

  • An intermittent clock

    An intermittent clock

    A few months ago, I was walking to Naz’s flat on Vasiliy Ostrov, when I turned to her and asked with my typical eloquence, “what the ** is that ticking noise?!”.  She pointed to some loud-speakers mounted on a nearby building, and said that the noise was coming from there.  I hadn’t noticed the noise…

  • Waxing poetic.

    Waxing poetic.

    Finally, a post where you get to see me recite a Russian poem.  Just what you’ve been waiting for! Firstly, a bit of randomness.  If you’re not on my facebook you won’t have seen the brilliant situation depicted below.  Basically, the traffic lights near my house regularly stop working, and absolute chaos ensues.  Everybody seems to…

  • -22 and Sunny

    -22 and Sunny

    “Why do you need so much reassurance?” I asked my students.  “You need me to always tell you I love you, instead of just accepting it.”  S: “Well of course we do: after home and after school, here is our third home.  And you are our third mother!”  Me: “Oh my god.  I have a lot of…