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  • Не привыкайте никогда and squishy hearts.

    Не привыкайте никогда and squishy hearts.

    “I used to be like you,” said my friend Louise, with the involuntary condescension common to happily married couples everywhere.  “Then I fell in love, and my heart got squishy.” “Louise,” I replied, turning to her, “I only just barely stopped myself from pushing you down the stairs.  Don’t even!” Louise laughed and thanked me…

  • С днём рождения

    С днём рождения

    It’s my birthday today 🙂  I got up early of course, so that I could try to wrangle with Skype once more (I’ve since given up and am going to try Voxox from now on).  I also checked my emails, and this was one of the first birthday messages I received: Happy Birthday!!!:) I wish…

  • Cheese and random noises.

    Cheese and random noises.

    Nastya and I went on an adventure to Выборг (Vyborg), a couple of hours north of Petersburg.  In keeping with my expectations of Russia, things got random. I am not, and have never been, a morning person: so when we got on the train, I blew up my neck pillow, put on my eye mask,…

  • “I have a car…”

    “I have a car…”

    I’m pretty sure that “I have a car, I’ll show you the city” may be what passes for a pick-up line here.  Anyway, I’ll get to that. Today I lured Jess out to Zelenogorsk, north of Piter, to go cross-country skiing.  Of course, the ‘skiing’ part failed—despite being assured that we could hire skis there, we…

  • CS Lewis

    CS Lewis

    I am living in freaking Narnia.  It’s day 116 of winter, with no end in sight: it was even snowing this afternoon!  That White Witch needs to have her arse kicked already.  The temperature is up from the fairly extreme minuses again though, and it’s due to crack 0 a couple of times this week. …