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  • Same same, but different.

    Same same, but different.

    I’d like to take a moment to talk about racism, and depressingly, as it’s Australia Day, it’s entirely appropriate. Firstly, I realise the text in the featured image might be difficult to read: it’s from Russia Today, and says “Judge who sent down racist gang found murdered at city apartment.” Russians are renowned for being…

  • It’s a Hostel Life

    It’s a Hostel Life

    So, as it turns out, I’m still homeless!  As such, I’ve moved hostels, and am here for tonight too—then this hostel’s booked out as well.  I have no particular dramas with living in a hostel, I’ve actually done it on a frighteningly regular basis.  Of course, the fact that six young children just moved into…

  • ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    Firstly, welcome Autumn:   (the photo’s completely untouched, believe it or not!) Secondly, welcome to the over 200 people that read my last post (what?!). A girl I work with is the source of today’s rather brilliant post title.  She was driving into the city after work and so gave me a lift.  Another moment…

  • Living the viva lada

    Living the viva lada

    My landlady’s in town at the moment, meaning that I come home even later than I normally would.  So, on Tuesday when the opportunity to go out after work came up, naturally I went! It was a girl I didn’t know’s birthday, and I went with one of the other teachers to the 24-hour florist…

  • Shrug – it’s Russia.

    Shrug – it’s Russia.

    Line up for 2 hours to have a document stamped, only to be told that you have to go to a different branch?  Shrug, it’s Russia. Travel another two hours to get to the other branch, only to find a sign saying to go to the original branch?  Shrug, it’s Russia. A man’s throwing what…