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  • The “F” Word

    The “F” Word

    I am about to show you, in less than 200 words, how completely inappropriate for me this country actually is.  Here’s an article published on the NY Times website a couple of days ago: Russia: Orthodox Leader Condemns Feminism The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said Tuesday that feminism was a “very dangerous”…

  • Thinking global

    Thinking global

    I’ve been thinking rather a lot about globalisation these past few days, and how it affects my life specifically.  I’m insanely privileged in that I’ve been travelling for nearly ten years now, and I think maybe that gives me a strange perspective on it all.  While obviously yes, I was born and grew up in Australia,…

  • Добрая Девушка

    Добрая Девушка

    It’s a fine line between ‘remembering forever’ and ‘scarred for life’, but that’s the line I tried to walk when I criticised my student’s essay last week.  Like I said, I was very upset after I read it, and knew that he would have known the effect it would have on me.  As such, it was…

  • Intolerance (updated)

    Intolerance (updated)

    Wow, what a change a day—and a different set of marking—can make.  I was still trying to catch up on my back-log, when I stumbled upon an essay which reminded me of all the terrible, terrible things about Russia.  The topic he was addressing was “why I should do my homework”, and you can find…

  • Soixante-neuf


    I glanced up on the metro earlier, accidentally making eye contact with an elderly Russian man, and was suddenly overwhelmed with the impression that this guy had eaten people.  Being Russia, and being that he was an old man, this is not entirely unlikely, but I don’t know what gave me the impression – he…