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  • A quick update from Istanbul

    A quick update from Istanbul

    I’m not sure how much news is making it out, so figured I’d post my facebook/vk/twitter updates.   I was exposed to a little tear gas last night but am fine—I was lucky enough to make it back to my hostel before it all went crazy.  Here are a couple of photos I took from…

  • Hostile


    An excited Russian man came running over to me at the conference before.  “Лаура!” he said, “you’re from St Petersburg!” “Well, not exactly,” I replied.  I don’t know exactly how he thought the name ‘Laura’ could be Russian, but apparently he was trying to find out if there was anyone else from Ze Motherland at…

  • Opinion Piece

    Opinion Piece

    When I was at dinner with Lana the other night, she said I would make a terrible journalist.  I agreed, because I just can’t take being told what to do.  She said that was true, but moreover, I’m incapable of writing without bias.  I completely disagreed, but have nonetheless decided to take a leaf out of…

  • Camera-shy: Justin in Russia

    Camera-shy: Justin in Russia

    Yesss!!  Another willing victim 🙂  I spoke with Justin after class today, and while sadly he didn’t saying anything truly outrageous until after the camera was off, he’s given some insight into the Russian night-life, dating in Russia, cops, doors, and not speaking Russian at the metro station.  Enjoy! Also, if anyone’s interested, there’s an article…

  • Quote


    I’ve just finished reading the conclusion to a book about Russian history, and absolutely had to share some of the text.  While a touch condescending, it relates very much to… well, to basically everything about Russia and its idiosyncrasies (and also to some of the comments on  yesterday’s post). ===== What one man could reform Russia?…