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  • TIFU


    Sigh.  It’s poem time, guys—and for those who don’t know, ‘tifu’ stands for ‘today I fucked up’.  And I did.  Lesson learned: never ever use your photos from facebook anywhere else. _____________________________________________________ I decided one day it was finally time, For a new adventure (which I’ll tell you in rhyme). After four years of single, and in…

  • Hands Down

    Hands Down

    Some of the alternate names for this post which had me giggling inappropriately on the train: All Hands on Deck The Handover Pants Party The Masturbation Poem (less euphemism, more accuracy) Today a friend commented on an article which suggested, through fallacious ‘science’, that people should masturbate less.  I wasn’t quite sure if it was…

  • A Poem for Tony

    A Poem for Tony

    There are a few things which make me angry. Pretty high on that list are sexism, racism, climate change deniers, stupidity, and people who are bad at their jobs. As you can imagine, therefore, I’m not a big fan of the current Australian Government. In fact, the last federal election sent me into an unparalleled…

  • 54hrs


    After a 54-hour journey, I’m safely back in Australia.  And it’s, so, weird.  On the one hand, over the past year, everything’s changed for me; on the other, Sydney is more or less exactly as I left it.  It is amazing to have food I like again, though: hello, raisin toast, snack chocolate, nudie smoothies, Thai…