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  • Grand Re-Entrance

    Grand Re-Entrance

    It is good to be back! I have been a very busy girl, and am already falling behind on blog posts – terrible, I know. I made the notes for this particular post while sitting in Pret a Manger, after talking to a particularly beautiful Slovak man. I was in the cafe waiting for Craig,…

  • Douche Душ Dusche

    Douche Душ Dusche

    Sometimes English is weird.  There is, of course, the example of ‘pineapple’, which manages to be called ‘ananas’ in all the other languages: Etymoline.com informs me that the word ‘pineapple’ comes from ‘pine’ + ‘apple’ (really helpful there), which still makes about zero sense.  I’ve just done a similar search for ‘shower’ (because isn’t etymology…

  • Clean Hands

    Clean Hands

    I am extremely in Germany right now, and I have so many questions.  For example, what does ‘oder’ mean?  Secondly, there is a gigantic Ronald McDonald plastic monstrosity sitting on the chair behind me which keeps creeping me out, yet people keep coming to have their photo taken with it.  Why?  Why?!  I am too…

  • Still tripping (days 3, 4 and 5)

    Still tripping (days 3, 4 and 5)

    Day three of our road trip dawned bright and sunny.  No, wait, the exact opposite of that: and given that our tour of the pretty rock formations (and, uh, Aboriginal heritage areas) didn’t run when the road was too wet ‘in case we twisted our ankles’, we had some time to kill.  So the three of…

  • The Mungo Road Trip (days 1 and 2)

    The Mungo Road Trip (days 1 and 2)

    This particular road trip came about after I saw a photo taken in Mungo National Park on a Central Coast train, and immediately texted Jess saying that our attendance was compulsory.  I didn’t first check where it was of course, so it was quite a surprise to find out that it was 1000 km away. The…