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  • Вернуться


    So far I’ve spent my time back in Russia drinking coffee, hanging out with hot men, and having jobs thrown at me.  And yes, I am having a much, much better time than last time!  I don’t know whether the weather has made everything more pleasant, whether people are being nicer thanks to the sunshine […]

  • Magical Realism

    Magical Realism

    “Guys, is it very important that you understand what the fuck has been happening here the last sixty years,” said our tour guide.  I was on the free walking tour in Medellin, and our guide Pablo was about to explain Colombia’s history in a nut-shell.  Not, might I add, an easy thing to do.  When I told […]

  • El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    El diálogo es superior al asalto.

    Pictured: the worst possible business card to give to a vegetarian. Today’s blog post is named for a poster I saw at a bus stop yesterday: it had a man and a woman, and the slogan that ‘dialogue is better than assault’.  I’m not even sure what else to say about that. After a day […]

  • Opinion Piece

    Opinion Piece

    When I was at dinner with Lana the other night, she said I would make a terrible journalist.  I agreed, because I just can’t take being told what to do.  She said that was true, but moreover, I’m incapable of writing without bias.  I completely disagreed, but have nonetheless decided to take a leaf out of […]

  • Les and the Soviet Apartment

    Les and the Soviet Apartment

    In a fantastic demonstration of my punctuality, I’ve finally been back to Les’ flat to take some photos.  I may have promised to do it on ‘the weekend’ last October… As it turns out, the space was too small for me to be able to manage photos very easily, so instead, we did a video. […]