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  • A winter sport

    A winter sport

    Russians are a rather peculiar and unexpected people.  Today in class I had a girl say that she’d been in Latvia for the past few days, but that she didn’t like Latvians.  I asked her why, and she said that she found them rude, unsmiling and unfriendly.  I said that that was very unlike Russian people […]

  • Homeless in St Petersburg? You’re in good company.

    Homeless in St Petersburg?  You’re in good company.

    Ah, if only I’d posted this BEFORE I moved into an apartment Michael found yesterday morning..! I wanted to quickly mention my adult lesson today.  We started the lesson with a fairly lengthy preposition/collocation exercise – for example, finish the sentence “Do you admire any famous people?  What are they well-known ____?”.  As native English […]

  • You can count on it (groan)

    You can count on it (groan)

    One of my students kept saying ‘clotheses’ in our warmup today, and I’d noticed him doing it before so decided to do some work on countable and uncountable nouns.  The exercise basically involved grouping a series of words into two columns – countable/uncountable.  After the students had finished, I had them compare with their partner. […]

  • End of ze world

    End of ze world

    “And Russia is like ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaagh motherland’!!!”  (video)

  • The Rila Experienca

    The Rila Experienca

    (22/10/13) My fantastic hostel in Sofia recommended that I go on a day-trip out to a monastery at nearby Rila.  Actually, the guy suggesting it said that there’s a sacred cave out there, and by passing through it you’ll be cleansed of your sins.  He said that I seemed like I needed a bit of cleansing. […]