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  • Nice people, nice prices

    Nice people, nice prices

    After a day’s sleeping after NYE, I decided to make use of my free time by heading out to the Hermitage for the day.  It was January 3, the first Thursday of the month – the day when it’s free for everybody to go to the Hermitage.  Clearly I didn’t think this through.  This is […]

  • Waxing poetic.

    Waxing poetic.

    Finally, a post where you get to see me recite a Russian poem.  Just what you’ve been waiting for! Firstly, a bit of randomness.  If you’re not on my facebook you won’t have seen the brilliant situation depicted below.  Basically, the traffic lights near my house regularly stop working, and absolute chaos ensues.  Everybody seems to […]

  • -22 and Sunny

    -22 and Sunny

    “Why do you need so much reassurance?” I asked my students.  “You need me to always tell you I love you, instead of just accepting it.”  S: “Well of course we do: after home and after school, here is our third home.  And you are our third mother!”  Me: “Oh my god.  I have a lot of […]

  • Infur


    There are quite a few anti-fur slogans out there.  “Fur is murder”, or perhaps “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”.  Somehow the internet doesn’t seem to have come up with “I’d rather bare than bear”, which I just don’t understand.  So I’m going to claim that one.. I’m not quite used to seeing people […]

  • Toasts


    aka ‘How to drink Vodka like a Russian.’ In Russia, the traditional process for drinking vodka is as follows: The vodka should be stored in the freezer prior to serving Before drinking, everybody should stand Make a toast – it should be to something positive, and to something that is happening/has happened Shot the vodka […]