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  • The romantic life

    The romantic life

    Last night, I was at dinner with the two girls I’ve been sharing a room with for the past week in Istanbul, when one of them suddenly said, “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about love.”  The other two of us waited to see where the sentence was going, but apparently that was it.  The…

  • Cheese and random noises.

    Cheese and random noises.

    Nastya and I went on an adventure to Выборг (Vyborg), a couple of hours north of Petersburg.  In keeping with my expectations of Russia, things got random. I am not, and have never been, a morning person: so when we got on the train, I blew up my neck pillow, put on my eye mask,…

  • The ‘Australian’ test

    The ‘Australian’ test

    I’ve eaten lots of gross Russian food since I’ve been here.  So I decided to turn the tables, and take Vegemite to work.  Also, a video camera.  Obviously, anyone who likes vegemite is secretly Australian…  I’m not sure I found any compatriots yesterday!  

  • Audio-visual

    The second vlog with Jess 🙂  

  • With love and vodka.

    With love and vodka.

    Okay, I’m making Jess entertain herself for a bit, so that I don’t fall too far behind on the blog.  Haha does that fall into ‘addiction’ territory? Anyway, Jess arrived on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday morning she and I, plus my landlord, were standing in the post office, waiting to register her.  I was…