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  • Land of… opportunity?

    Land of… opportunity?

    When I was little and got sick, my nan would make me stay in bed until I’d managed to finish two litres of flat lemonade.  Ever since, whenever I’ve been sick as an adult, I’ve done the same thing—something an ex of mine sneeringly described as my ‘medicine’.  Of course, now that I’m in Russia […]

  • At the Barn-Dance

    At the Barn-Dance

    A few years ago, when we lived in the Whitsundays, one of my besties Nikky and I went out in Airlie Beach for the night.  I’d just broken up with this guy who was incredibly immature, though I’d struggled with the decision for a while.  After I’d finally made up my mind, Nikky hurrah’d me then said […]

  • The ultimate meh

    The ultimate meh

    The Russian personality, in under a minute (first 27 seconds): I’m slightly addicted to the ‘Twisted Nederland’ videos and have spent far too many nights not sleeping because of them.  There’s a range of videos just as amazing as the above, and I’ve put a link directly to the Russian section in the ‘Blogs I Follow’ […]

  • Same same, but different.

    Same same, but different.

    I’d like to take a moment to talk about racism, and depressingly, as it’s Australia Day, it’s entirely appropriate. Firstly, I realise the text in the featured image might be difficult to read: it’s from Russia Today, and says “Judge who sent down racist gang found murdered at city apartment.” Russians are renowned for being […]

  • В душе моей

    В душе моей

    “I don’t like Russians,” said my old house-mate Matt, what now feels like a long time ago.  “They’re too.. tragic, or melancholy, or” “in love with their own sadness?” I suggested.  “Yes.” I was thinking about this again as I caught the metro home from work tonight.  Twice today there’s been a man playing the […]