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  • The “F” Word

    The “F” Word

    I am about to show you, in less than 200 words, how completely inappropriate for me this country actually is.  Here’s an article published on the NY Times website a couple of days ago: Russia: Orthodox Leader Condemns Feminism The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, said Tuesday that feminism was a “very dangerous”…

  • With love and vodka.

    With love and vodka.

    Okay, I’m making Jess entertain herself for a bit, so that I don’t fall too far behind on the blog.  Haha does that fall into ‘addiction’ territory? Anyway, Jess arrived on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday morning she and I, plus my landlord, were standing in the post office, waiting to register her.  I was…

  • Добрая Девушка

    Добрая Девушка

    It’s a fine line between ‘remembering forever’ and ‘scarred for life’, but that’s the line I tried to walk when I criticised my student’s essay last week.  Like I said, I was very upset after I read it, and knew that he would have known the effect it would have on me.  As such, it was…

  • Intolerance (updated)

    Intolerance (updated)

    Wow, what a change a day—and a different set of marking—can make.  I was still trying to catch up on my back-log, when I stumbled upon an essay which reminded me of all the terrible, terrible things about Russia.  The topic he was addressing was “why I should do my homework”, and you can find…

  • Больна


    Well, I’m in a fever-governed land of psychedelic goats right now, so it seems the appropriate time to write a blog post about medicine in Russia. A few months ago, I was sick, completely lost my voice, and went to work to teach anyway.  In the middle of last year I broke my arm on…