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  • Старая и глупая

    Старая и глупая

    Firstly, heatwave: there’s meant to be a high of -2 on Tuesday.  Wtf?  That’s more than 20 degrees warmer than it has been.  I may die of heat exhaustion!!!  I may even be able to go to work without wearing my snow pants.  It’s crazy. The title for today’s post means ‘old and stupid’.  Which, […]

  • On the same page

    On the same page

    “When was the last time you helped somebody?”, asked one of the Volunteer Managers for the Sochi Winter Olympics earlier today.  I asked him to clarify whether he meant at work, in general, or just on the street, and gave him an example of each.  I then railed (railing is kind of my thing nowadays)  about […]

  • Неудобный


    It has been absolutely crazy, in every possible respect.  Firstly, there’s the nature of Russia itself; secondly, there’s the not-having-anywhere-to-live; and thirdly, it’s the work. Walking around the place, it’s impossible to not notice that you’re in Russia.  Every few steps down the street you’ll encounter yet another person who is self-conscious in their non-fuck-giving, […]

  • L’amour


    …this post is not going where you think it’s going! My standard day at the moment is get up at around 10 or 11, leave for work at around 3pm, get home at 10pm or so, dinner at midnight, bed at 2 or 3am.  Needless to say, as I live in the middle of the city […]