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  • Gay Russia

    Gay Russia

    Now that I’m no longer in Russia, or working for or with Russians, I can finally talk about something as ‘outrageous’ as attitudes toward homosexuality in Russia.  I just want to make it clear that I’m not breaking Russian law right now! “He signs with a girl’s name,” squealed one of my students.  “He must…

  • Fake Russia

    Fake Russia

    It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at camp.  And not the ‘fun’ type of crazy: more like the ‘fml’ kind of crazy.  It’s also been very, very busy.  My teaching hours are far in excess of what I was told, and it’s six days a week once more.  I have afternoons free,…

  • Opinion Piece

    Opinion Piece

    When I was at dinner with Lana the other night, she said I would make a terrible journalist.  I agreed, because I just can’t take being told what to do.  She said that was true, but moreover, I’m incapable of writing without bias.  I completely disagreed, but have nonetheless decided to take a leaf out of…

  • Chicken brain.

    Chicken brain.

    Russia has definitely made me re-evaluate a lot of my preconceptions, but sometimes I’m still surprised.  To give an incredibly random example, this morning in Russian class we were practising our verbs of motion: we had half a sentence, and had to fill in the other half with the appropriate verb.  (There are at least…

  • Lolly, Naz and juggling.

    Lolly, Naz and juggling.

    It was Naz’ last night in Russia last night, and we were sitting in a bar when she turned to me and asked in all seriousness, “Have you ever been given bullets by a student?”.  Apparently she has, multiple times.  Oh, Russia.  I think my friend Lana put it best when she said that we…