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  • Colombiana Blanca

    Colombiana Blanca

    I received one of the greatest compliments of my life the other week.  It was, naturally, at the hands (voicebox?) of a Colombian. I’ve said before how much I love Colombians [eg here and here; Colombia blog posts].  I admire them for so many reasons: their friendliness, their hospitality, their passion, their overwhelming loveliness.  I feel like, […]

  • Unfunny


    This is not going to be a jolly sort of post.  I’m also going to include a trigger warning. It’s freaking 2am again, and I can’t stop thinking about an email I received two days ago.  I’ve been tossing and turning, needing to write about it, so figured I’d give up on sleep until it was […]

  • Museum Night Fever

    Museum Night Fever

    Every year, Belgium decides to do something a little crazy (for Belgium), and has an event where its major museums are open from 7pm until one in the morning.  And then there’s an afterparty.  Because what are museums without a party? After someone from uni asked me what the hell was going on, and did […]

  • A mountain do-over

    A mountain do-over

    Last time I was in Switzerland, I ended up leaving a ski slope on a stretcher and an ambulance, before being given the all-clear (but still not being able to walk for a few days).  This time I avoided both stretchers and ambulances (result!), but not mountains.  Funnily enough, given it’s a country known for its mountains. […]

  • Take Me to Church

    Take Me to Church

    One of my housemates is currently looking for work, and so each morning last week he greeted me with this song, belting out the only words he knew (“take me to church”): Today it was stuck in my head so I looked up the lyrics, only to find (much to my amusement) that the song isn’t about a […]