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  • The Lost City: Green Hell

    The Lost City: Green Hell

    At a bright and early 4.30am, we woke up to finally head to the Lost City, which was a mere few kilometres away.  Of course, I say ‘woke up’, but in actuality the beds were so uncomfortable that my back had been in too much pain to sleep during the night, so let’s call it…

  • Grad School

    Grad School

    Well, I am currently in Russian class, which is today being exceptionally and exclusively delivered in Dutch.  Needless to say, I have no idea what’s going on—so after a rather protracted break, voici—a blog post! I handed in my final piece of work for my Masters course nearly a month ago now.  Already.  I don’t…

  • Melbournisation


    (23-Aug-15) Alright, so it’s nearly two months since I left Russia.  It’s probably just about time to finish writing about it!  This time, I’m writing not from Vertical Germany, but from sunny Italia, where I’m not allowing myself to do anything fun until I get a solid amount of work done on the new anthology.…

  • No Dill

    No Dill

    (13-Jul-15) Well here I am, back in vertical Germany, and finally starting to catch up on my Russia posts.  Needless to say, they’re completely out of order—but what are you going to do about it?! Staying with Naz reminded me of all the little details about life in Russia.  She and her Belorussian bf live in an…

  • Two Years Later – Interview with Naz

    Two Years Later – Interview with Naz

    A bit over two years ago I did an expat interview with Naz, just before she left for China.  Well, here we are back in Russia, and here’s a new video: Also, this post’s featured image—not what I was looking for, but so full of ‘wtf’ that I couldn’t resist.