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  • Leeve in Russia.

    Leeve in Russia.

    My students have some pretty extreme difficulty in distinguishing between the sounds ‘i’ as in ‘rich’ and ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ as in ‘reach’.  Thus, there are quite a few giggles—still!—when I say I’m going to give them a sheet, or talk about hitting up the beach.  To my students therefore, today’s post title would sound like both […]

  • В душе моей

    В душе моей

    “I don’t like Russians,” said my old house-mate Matt, what now feels like a long time ago.  “They’re too.. tragic, or melancholy, or” “in love with their own sadness?” I suggested.  “Yes.” I was thinking about this again as I caught the metro home from work tonight.  Twice today there’s been a man playing the […]

  • Yes, yes I did.

    Yes, yes I did.

    Judging from the inundation of emails asking whether I quit or not, I figured I’d better write a quick post to confirm that yes, I did in fact resign yesterday.  I only resigned from one school, so will still be working three days a week, and thereby retain (a) my awesome groups and (b) my visa. […]

  • Toasts


    aka ‘How to drink Vodka like a Russian.’ In Russia, the traditional process for drinking vodka is as follows: The vodka should be stored in the freezer prior to serving Before drinking, everybody should stand Make a toast – it should be to something positive, and to something that is happening/has happened Shot the vodka […]

  • Just too close

    Just too close

    (the themesong for today’s post – if you, like me, consider dubstep ‘music’). “You shouldn’t drink with Russians,” said one of my adult students a few days ago.  “They can’t stop, and it will be dangerous for you.” “They can’t stop drinking, or can’t stop themselves?” I asked. “Both.  Actually, this is a big problem […]