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  • Shrug – it’s Russia.

    Shrug – it’s Russia.

    Line up for 2 hours to have a document stamped, only to be told that you have to go to a different branch?  Shrug, it’s Russia. Travel another two hours to get to the other branch, only to find a sign saying to go to the original branch?  Shrug, it’s Russia. A man’s throwing what […]

  • Нет problem.

    Нет problem.

    Well, it’s been another insane few days.  I went on a brief walking tour on Friday in my as-yet comatose state.  The highlight was definitely when the tour guide told me about this mountain 700km north of here, where due to some crazy geological circumstances resulting from an earthquake 12,000 years ago, you can apparently […]

  • “Yes, I mean, da”.

    “Yes, I mean, da”.

    (Along with the Russian for “I don’t speak” and “I don’t understand”, the most common phrase I’ve used the last 48 hours.  And incidentally, the ‘not speaking’ part is out of sheer laziness, because Russians keep asking me directions and it’s shorter than ‘nfi’ ) Well, after a more-than-minor meltdown yesterday toward the end of […]