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  • Amo la neve

    Amo la neve

    It’s snowwwwwwwwwwwwing!!!  Yay!!! It’s fairly hard to miss that I love the snow, and I love it even more in the city.  Particularly in a city as beautiful as St Petersburg.  I was walking back to the hostel earlier through a couple of inches of snow, and despite the fact that it was only around […]

  • ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    Firstly, welcome Autumn:   (the photo’s completely untouched, believe it or not!) Secondly, welcome to the over 200 people that read my last post (what?!). A girl I work with is the source of today’s rather brilliant post title.  She was driving into the city after work and so gave me a lift.  Another moment […]

  • Неудобный


    It has been absolutely crazy, in every possible respect.  Firstly, there’s the nature of Russia itself; secondly, there’s the not-having-anywhere-to-live; and thirdly, it’s the work. Walking around the place, it’s impossible to not notice that you’re in Russia.  Every few steps down the street you’ll encounter yet another person who is self-conscious in their non-fuck-giving, […]

  • Все сумасшедшие (pt 2)

    Все сумасшедшие (pt 2)

    Sorry to leave you hanging the other day!  Ok, so after receiving a text from the landlady on Monday demanding that I move out by that evening, I made a few phone calls to hook up somewhere to stay that night and then went to uni.  My classmate Justin had said on my facebook not […]

  • Все сумасшедшие (pt 1)

    Well.  This has been one of the craziest (emphasis on ‘crazy’) few days of my life! As I think previously mentioned, ‘Crazy’, my landlady, got into town last week.  She seemed to have settled down a little on the crazy-o-metre and we had a civilised chat where all seemed well.  I was thinking of having […]