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  • Doctorado: the First Semester

    Doctorado: the First Semester

    With the holiday break coming up, and an extremely early flight to Copenhagen booked in the morning, I figured I can just about call this the last day of the first term of my PhD.  Because that’s what I’m doing now.  Because I am a masochist. I’m going to keep this brief, because there are at […]

  • Grad School

    Grad School

    Well, I am currently in Russian class, which is today being exceptionally and exclusively delivered in Dutch.  Needless to say, I have no idea what’s going on—so after a rather protracted break, voici—a blog post! I handed in my final piece of work for my Masters course nearly a month ago now.  Already.  I don’t […]

  • Shanty


    A few days ago, Craig Steadman died. This is not the start of a story, and it’s not some random celebrity or refugee or political figure that nobody has ever heard of.  This is a man I used to work with, and he’s dead now.  He was hit by a car and pronounced dead at […]

  • Moscow Eve

    Moscow Eve

    Tomorrow morning I fly back to Russia, nearly two years to the day since I left.  I’m going for 5.5 weeks, and it should be…interesting.  Naturally I haven’t started to pack yet, but my room is getting extremely clean, so that’s good! I have very, very mixed feelings about going back.  I guess the only […]

  • Unfunny


    This is not going to be a jolly sort of post.  I’m also going to include a trigger warning. It’s freaking 2am again, and I can’t stop thinking about an email I received two days ago.  I’ve been tossing and turning, needing to write about it, so figured I’d give up on sleep until it was […]