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  • Ирония Судьбы Revisited

    Ирония Судьбы Revisited

    Arguably the most famous Russian film is Ironiya Sud’by, “The Irony of Fate”.  It’s tradition to watch it every New Year’s Eve—those who’ve been reading for a few years may recall that I watched it on NYE when I was living here.  It’s a very, very Russian story.  Basically, it’s set during Communist times, when everybody lived…

  • CS Lewis

    CS Lewis

    I am living in freaking Narnia.  It’s day 116 of winter, with no end in sight: it was even snowing this afternoon!  That White Witch needs to have her arse kicked already.  The temperature is up from the fairly extreme minuses again though, and it’s due to crack 0 a couple of times this week. …

  • Leeve in Russia.

    Leeve in Russia.

    My students have some pretty extreme difficulty in distinguishing between the sounds ‘i’ as in ‘rich’ and ‘ee’ or ‘ea’ as in ‘reach’.  Thus, there are quite a few giggles—still!—when I say I’m going to give them a sheet, or talk about hitting up the beach.  To my students therefore, today’s post title would sound like both…

  • Same same, but different.

    Same same, but different.

    I’d like to take a moment to talk about racism, and depressingly, as it’s Australia Day, it’s entirely appropriate. Firstly, I realise the text in the featured image might be difficult to read: it’s from Russia Today, and says “Judge who sent down racist gang found murdered at city apartment.” Russians are renowned for being…