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  • Intolerance (updated)

    Intolerance (updated)

    Wow, what a change a day—and a different set of marking—can make.  I was still trying to catch up on my back-log, when I stumbled upon an essay which reminded me of all the terrible, terrible things about Russia.  The topic he was addressing was “why I should do my homework”, and you can find […]

  • В душе моей

    В душе моей

    “I don’t like Russians,” said my old house-mate Matt, what now feels like a long time ago.  “They’re too.. tragic, or melancholy, or” “in love with their own sadness?” I suggested.  “Yes.” I was thinking about this again as I caught the metro home from work tonight.  Twice today there’s been a man playing the […]

  • Russian Rebirth

    Russian Rebirth

    I swear I am now out-Russianing (and certainly out-rushing) the standard Russian.  Or should that be ‘Russian Standard’, which is incidentally not only a vodka but a bank?  Every time I see the logo on the bank I think cynical things about how the Russian economy got into its current state. Anyway, this weekend I […]

  • Nice people, nice prices

    Nice people, nice prices

    After a day’s sleeping after NYE, I decided to make use of my free time by heading out to the Hermitage for the day.  It was January 3, the first Thursday of the month – the day when it’s free for everybody to go to the Hermitage.  Clearly I didn’t think this through.  This is […]

  • С Новым Годом!!

    С Новым Годом!!

    In which the London Philharmonic Orchestra playing a traditional Russian folk tune accompanies “New Years’ in St Petersburg in 2 minutes or less”! I’m a bit special sometimes and couldn’t get the music to stop at the right place.  And yes, the tetris theme song, korobeneiki, is indeed a Russian folk song 🙂 The evening […]