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  • TIFU


    Sigh.  It’s poem time, guys—and for those who don’t know, ‘tifu’ stands for ‘today I fucked up’.  And I did.  Lesson learned: never ever use your photos from facebook anywhere else. _____________________________________________________ I decided one day it was finally time, For a new adventure (which I’ll tell you in rhyme). After four years of single, and in […]

  • Take Me to Church

    Take Me to Church

    One of my housemates is currently looking for work, and so each morning last week he greeted me with this song, belting out the only words he knew (“take me to church”): Today it was stuck in my head so I looked up the lyrics, only to find (much to my amusement) that the song isn’t about a […]

  • Sex and Power

    Sex and Power

    There’s a famous quote by Oscar Wilde, which says that “Everything in the world is about sex except sex.  Sex is about power.”  I’ve found myself thinking about this, after just now simultaneously having a conversation with Mr Belgium about love and romance, and reading an article on power politics. There are traditionally three main […]

  • La vie parfaite

    La vie parfaite

    Right now I am seated in a cafe, surrounded by people speaking French, and drinking a particularly toasty hot chocolate.  Outside it’s in the gentle minuses, with traces of overnight snow on the ground, and everybody is running around trying to avoid the freezing wind.  I’ve just (finally!) completed registration at the Services des Etrangers, […]

  • Taking awkward to new heights

    Taking awkward to new heights

    Ohhhhh my.  This afternoon’s lecture resulted in rather more misadventure than I really anticipated.  It all started last week (was it only last week?!) when I had lunch with the head of the Australian Society here in Belgium.  She mentioned the organisation ‘YPFP‘, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, and suggested I sign up, saying that this would help […]