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  • Tuesday Night Circus

    Tuesday Night Circus

    Outside right now, the sun is setting over the French Alps, and it is absolutely beautiful.  I’m not quite sure if words really capture it: the light is orange, contrasting with the deep blue of shadows.  There are steep slopes all around, covered in coniferous trees which are themselves coated in snow.  The tops of the […]

  • Les Arcs

    Les Arcs

    Yesterday was one of the best days’ snowboarding of my life!  In fact, it gets right up there into the ‘best days’ categories, full stop. After a thoroughly reasonable amount of sleep and some vegemite (naturally), Wicklund drove Ros and I to the funiculaire, which we took up to Les Arcs, Paridiski.  I was a […]

  • Limitations


    After my brilliant first day’s riding, things went down-hill—and not in the awesome way!  Waking up after the previous day’s efforts, I was exhausted and hurt all over.  Nevertheless, I was determined to make myself go riding.  Lewis drove me up to La Plagne, and I hopped on the lift.  La Plagne was significantly icier […]


    I’m in Belgium!  The lapse in posting about it wasn’t so much my getting on a hijacked train and ending up in Azerbaijan as it was my laptop dying.  Again.  I arrived here ten days ago now, and so far, it’s been good (albeit exceptionally busy!). Arriving into Gare du Midi (the Brussels version this time, […]

  • Oklahoma City

    Oklahoma City

    Okay, so firstly, this post has nothing whatsoever to do with Oklahoma.  Nor does it have anything to do with the US.  Nor even travelling, for that matter—instead, it’s about yet another stupid idea that I had. My great idea—pauses to groan and face-palm—was to try online dating.  Oh, how I wish I were kidding.  I mean, I […]