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  • Ola!


    Well that’s it—no more Russia.  The family just let me know that as I can’t be with them all summer, they’re going to go to an English school in Cyprus rather than have me with them in Spain.  Which means in turn that I don’t really have any income (apart from 4 weeks in Finland…

  • The Bigger the Better

    The Bigger the Better

    One of my adult students said the other day that she wants to raise her kids to be like me.  To not be connected to any particular country, but to live across them all.  I told her good luck, therefore, in moving to Australia (which she’s currently attempting to do), as it’s one of a…

  • Blue Skies

    Blue Skies

    …because there’s never a bad time for a Joss Whedon reference. Well, I’ve managed to escape Russia!  It reminds me of a post I saw on facebook a while back: I nearly didn’t manage my ‘escape’ however—due to a traffic jam on the road to Finland, I didn’t actually get to the border before my visa…

  • Hammock Time

    Hammock Time

    I’ve just come from drinking the latest ‘medicine’ advised by a stranger.  I told the manager of the hostel I’m at that I think I’m getting a cold, and the next thing you know, he walks into the kitchen, cuts up two cloves of garlic, and serves them to me in a glass with half…

  • Log


    “You know, when you introduced yourself as a disaster zone, I didn’t quite realise!” said my current room-mate.  “I know,” I replied: “I’m a human train wreck”.  This conversation followed my stepping on a bee:  unfortunately, I’m somewhat allergic, and my leg (or more accurately, my foot) has been transformed into a log.  My shoe…