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  • Concept Czeching

    Concept Czeching

    (19/10/13) So, why on earth was I in Prague in the middle of winter?  I’d booked a flight to Europe about six months beforehand, with the intention of going to the Ukraine to work for a year.  One visa problem after another, this had morphed into going to Russia, for which I had even more visa…

  • Letters home

    Letters home

    Good morning guys!!!  Happy Monday!!! I’m procrastinating my socks off—something, might I add, I’ve done remarkably well all weekend—I have 2 assignments and 2 lesson plans to do, so obviously sleeping has becoming an amazingly good time.  Tanya asked for a proper email last week, so congratulations, this has become my new form of procrastination!…

  • Bones, clocks and cream

    Bones, clocks and cream

    (22/10/13) After four of the most intensive weeks of my life (was it really only four weeks?!), the CELTA course was finally over, and we were free.  Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I was completely branaddled (‘brain addled’, for those who don’t speak Laura), but I only had accommodation for another couple of nights, so got straight on with…

  • A Viennese Sojourn

    A Viennese Sojourn

    (14/10/2013) To start with, it probably bears mentioning that Australia and Austria are different places: apparently, that’s not widely understood.  Also, only one of them has kangaroos!  When travelling in Europe, anywhere non-English speaking that I go, it’s assumed that i’m actually Austrian.  I had a great number of conversations in Russia that went Они:…

  • When in Rom…ania.

    When in Rom…ania.

    (11 Oct 2013) After jumping on an impromptu train in Vienna, I found myself emerging bleary-eyed from București train station early the next morning.  The border crossing had gone as smoothly as ever (ie I ended up with the completely wrong dates stamped into my passport), but otherwise the train journey was fine.  Of course, once…