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  • The Airport Connection

    The Airport Connection

    Finally, I’m getting to the New Zealand blog posts!  Things have been a little crazy since getting back—after ten days of no phone and no internet, I re-entered a world of being available seemingly 24/7, a world in which I’d just published a book.  Apparently this leads to obligations—who knew?  Plus, I’ve just started my…

  • Lord of the Forest

    Lord of the Forest

    I want to precede this  post by saying that I am not Maori, I am not Kiwi, and I am therefore godawful at remembering the names of places in New Zealand.  As such, I have next to me a pile of six maps of North Island, and who even knows how many brochures.  I realised in…

  • Small Steps

    Small Steps

    This post’s featured image: an entirely accurate representation of New Zealand’s roads. Day three started with waking up in a car park in Paihia, a town in the Bay of Islands.  Our ambition for the day was to do the ‘Bay Beauty’ circle walk, a relatively flat hike of around 23km (map here).  There were going…

  • Drooving and Glow-worms

    Drooving and Glow-worms

    “Hey lady—your husband droov off!”.  It was the start of day four of our Kiwiland adventure, and a lady in the petrol station was yelling after me.  Incidentally, I wasn’t sure whether I found the ‘husband’ or ‘droov’ part funnier.  She then flagged me down again, to give me a free little plastic toy—I must…

  • Tree, water and fire

    Tree, water and fire

    …because I’ve never written a blog post which sounded like it might be the name of a magic system before. Waking up in a car park (again), the mission for the day was to make it to Taupo.  After an epic number of adventures the preceding day, the plan was to take it a bit easy.  That’s…