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  • A One-Sided Affair

    A One-Sided Affair

    (3/11/13) As you’ll have gathered from my (as-yet non-existent) post about my first time in Istanbul, I was not a fan.  That’s despite the fact that on this particular trip, I didn’t get tear-gassed (post about that here).  The constant hassling was just too much: every, single, guy, on the street.  I mean, Turkey gets European and…

  • The probable incidence of larceny

    The probable incidence of larceny

    I’ve just arrived back in Istanbul, in advance of the conference tomorrow.  And oh my goodness has it been an adventure! My flight from Iraklio, Crete, was at 02:40 this morning.  I barely made it to the airport actually: in the process of hailing the last bus to the airport, I forgot how to walk, and…

  • Hostile


    An excited Russian man came running over to me at the conference before.  “Лаура!” he said, “you’re from St Petersburg!” “Well, not exactly,” I replied.  I don’t know exactly how he thought the name ‘Laura’ could be Russian, but apparently he was trying to find out if there was anyone else from Ze Motherland at…

  • A quick update from Istanbul

    A quick update from Istanbul

    I’m not sure how much news is making it out, so figured I’d post my facebook/vk/twitter updates.   I was exposed to a little tear gas last night but am fine—I was lucky enough to make it back to my hostel before it all went crazy.  Here are a couple of photos I took from…

  • The romantic life

    The romantic life

    Last night, I was at dinner with the two girls I’ve been sharing a room with for the past week in Istanbul, when one of them suddenly said, “Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about love.”  The other two of us waited to see where the sentence was going, but apparently that was it.  The…