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  • A quick tour

    A quick tour

    ‘Why a birthday cake?’ you wonder.  Well, there have now been well over two thousand visitors to inzemotherland (and an average of about a hundred page views a day), so I felt like I should give it something.  Cake seemed fitting! I’ve spent the past week since I quit sleeping, eating, and focusing on returning…

  • Adventures in Russian

    Adventures in Russian

    I have a certain preposition predisposition for becoming afflicted by completely ludicrous illnesses.  It’s rare that I’m not, say, unable to use my wrist, unable to eat anything but toast, allergic to alcohol, or have a broken bone (or ten).  My current issue is that I seem to have reinvented smallpox, or at least baby…

  • Infur


    There are quite a few anti-fur slogans out there.  “Fur is murder”, or perhaps “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”.  Somehow the internet doesn’t seem to have come up with “I’d rather bare than bear”, which I just don’t understand.  So I’m going to claim that one.. I’m not quite used to seeing people…

  • -22 and Sunny

    -22 and Sunny

    “Why do you need so much reassurance?” I asked my students.  “You need me to always tell you I love you, instead of just accepting it.”  S: “Well of course we do: after home and after school, here is our third home.  And you are our third mother!”  Me: “Oh my god.  I have a lot of…

  • Старая и глупая

    Старая и глупая

    Firstly, heatwave: there’s meant to be a high of -2 on Tuesday.  Wtf?  That’s more than 20 degrees warmer than it has been.  I may die of heat exhaustion!!!  I may even be able to go to work without wearing my snow pants.  It’s crazy. The title for today’s post means ‘old and stupid’.  Which,…