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  • ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    ‘Russia is huge, but it makes no sense.’

    Firstly, welcome Autumn:   (the photo’s completely untouched, believe it or not!) Secondly, welcome to the over 200 people that read my last post (what?!). A girl I work with is the source of today’s rather brilliant post title.  She was driving into the city after work and so gave me a lift.  Another moment […]

  • Amo la neve

    Amo la neve

    It’s snowwwwwwwwwwwwing!!!  Yay!!! It’s fairly hard to miss that I love the snow, and I love it even more in the city.  Particularly in a city as beautiful as St Petersburg.  I was walking back to the hostel earlier through a couple of inches of snow, and despite the fact that it was only around […]

  • It’s a Hostel Life

    It’s a Hostel Life

    So, as it turns out, I’m still homeless!  As such, I’ve moved hostels, and am here for tonight too—then this hostel’s booked out as well.  I have no particular dramas with living in a hostel, I’ve actually done it on a frighteningly regular basis.  Of course, the fact that six young children just moved into […]

  • Homeless in St Petersburg? You’re in good company.

    Homeless in St Petersburg?  You’re in good company.

    Ah, if only I’d posted this BEFORE I moved into an apartment Michael found yesterday morning..! I wanted to quickly mention my adult lesson today.  We started the lesson with a fairly lengthy preposition/collocation exercise – for example, finish the sentence “Do you admire any famous people?  What are they well-known ____?”.  As native English […]

  • A winter sport

    A winter sport

    Russians are a rather peculiar and unexpected people.  Today in class I had a girl say that she’d been in Latvia for the past few days, but that she didn’t like Latvians.  I asked her why, and she said that she found them rude, unsmiling and unfriendly.  I said that that was very unlike Russian people […]