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  • Living the viva lada

    Living the viva lada

    My landlady’s in town at the moment, meaning that I come home even later than I normally would.  So, on Tuesday when the opportunity to go out after work came up, naturally I went! It was a girl I didn’t know’s birthday, and I went with one of the other teachers to the 24-hour florist […]

  • Все сумасшедшие (pt 1)

    Well.  This has been one of the craziest (emphasis on ‘crazy’) few days of my life! As I think previously mentioned, ‘Crazy’, my landlady, got into town last week.  She seemed to have settled down a little on the crazy-o-metre and we had a civilised chat where all seemed well.  I was thinking of having […]

  • Все сумасшедшие (pt 2)

    Все сумасшедшие (pt 2)

    Sorry to leave you hanging the other day!  Ok, so after receiving a text from the landlady on Monday demanding that I move out by that evening, I made a few phone calls to hook up somewhere to stay that night and then went to uni.  My classmate Justin had said on my facebook not […]

  • Well they say pictures are worth a thousand words…

    Well they say pictures are worth a thousand words…

    I’ve a certain dearth of time in which to write (I promise I will as soon as I can!) but in the interim, I’ve uploaded some photos below.  I haven’t had time to alter or really sort them at all, so apart from a little cropping they’re untouched.  Enjoy!

  • Неудобный


    It has been absolutely crazy, in every possible respect.  Firstly, there’s the nature of Russia itself; secondly, there’s the not-having-anywhere-to-live; and thirdly, it’s the work. Walking around the place, it’s impossible to not notice that you’re in Russia.  Every few steps down the street you’ll encounter yet another person who is self-conscious in their non-fuck-giving, […]