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  • Совершенный


    I made up for my guilt at how late I’ve been getting out of bed by going for a wander today at “photos-o’clock”.  Enjoy 🙂                                    

  • We’re all crazy

    We’re all crazy

    “Of course it’s not normal, I’m Russian, we’re all crazy” – a Russian actually said that to me today.  It was amazing. I have the full intention of writing a proper blog post, but am also testing out some settings to make it easier for people to leave comments, so bear with me. In the interim, here’s…

  • L’amour


    …this post is not going where you think it’s going! My standard day at the moment is get up at around 10 or 11, leave for work at around 3pm, get home at 10pm or so, dinner at midnight, bed at 2 or 3am.  Needless to say, as I live in the middle of the city…

  • Two minutes in the metro

    Two minutes in the metro

    I think I’ve mentioned the awesomeness of the metro in just about every post so far.  What I didn’t mention though, is that as well as the service being excellent (there’s a train on each line every two minutes), the stations themselves are… well, unusual.  What I also think is crazy is that despite the…

  • You can count on it (groan)

    You can count on it (groan)

    One of my students kept saying ‘clotheses’ in our warmup today, and I’d noticed him doing it before so decided to do some work on countable and uncountable nouns.  The exercise basically involved grouping a series of words into two columns – countable/uncountable.  After the students had finished, I had them compare with their partner.…