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  • Guest post: By way of introduction…

    Guest post: By way of introduction…

    It is 10.30pm.  The sun is still shining.  Hello from glorious Saint Petersburg.  I am grateful to have been invited to contribute to this awesome blog by Laura. We begin in a not-so-glamorous setting.  This is Zvezdnaya, a suburb of sprawling concrete flat complexes on the outer limits of the city.  Let’s be honest, it’s not […]

  • Moscow Eve

    Moscow Eve

    Tomorrow morning I fly back to Russia, nearly two years to the day since I left.  I’m going for 5.5 weeks, and it should be…interesting.  Naturally I haven’t started to pack yet, but my room is getting extremely clean, so that’s good! I have very, very mixed feelings about going back.  I guess the only […]

  • Heating Up

    Heating Up

    The girl is back in ze motherland!  Whoa.  Pictured in the horrible featured image: Domoedovo Airport, Moscow.  And also some dirt on the bus window.  Photography skills: 10/10. Of course, I didn’t arrive completely without adventure.  It all started in Brussels airport, where I arrived in plenty of time (shockingly), only to find that my bag […]

  • Ирония Судьбы Revisited

    Ирония Судьбы Revisited

    Arguably the most famous Russian film is Ironiya Sud’by, “The Irony of Fate”.  It’s tradition to watch it every New Year’s Eve—those who’ve been reading for a few years may recall that I watched it on NYE when I was living here.  It’s a very, very Russian story.  Basically, it’s set during Communist times, when everybody lived […]

  • Быстрее


    I’m writing this post from my seat in the Moscow->St Petersburg 22:42 train, which will see me there at around 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I am, incidentally or otherwise, sweating like…  something like really sweaty—and not just because it’s about a billion degrees in here, but because (again) I’ve just done a lot of running to […]