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  • Just a taster

    Just a taster
  • ‘You know what I mean?’

    ‘You know what I mean?’

    As you may have gathered following yesterday’s not-really-a-post, I’ve come back to Scotland.  After leaving Portsmouth the other day I headed straight for Liverpool, where I stayed with my friend Tilly and her boyfriend Luke.  Luke says ‘you know what I mean’ at least every other sentence (I am being literal), hence the honorary naming…

  • A punch to the heart

    A punch to the heart

    At some point in the night, I’d written ‘yellow fever’ in my phone.  Almost-unconscious-Laura is good for leaving me reminders.  So I woke up on the Wednesday morning and googled yellow fever vaccinations, as it’s one I’ve never had.  I then learned that it was necessary for South America, and that I needed to get…

  • In the Skye

    In the Skye

    The first time I woke up in the car, outside Sligachan on Skye, dawn was breaking over the mountains around me.  I looked up, thought to myself how good the light was, then opted for ‘fuck it, it’s too early’. A couple of hours later, I was awoken by kids giggling.  They called out to…

  • Edinburgh


    Firstly, and appallingly, I somehow forgot to include the ‘funny Indian man’ in my last posts.  I came across him because in a lot of rural Scotland, and over most of Skye, there are very narrow roads—they’re two-way, but wide enough for one car.  As such, there are reasonably frequent passing points.  Or, of course,…