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  • Simultaneous Living

    Simultaneous Living

    It’s my last night in the UK, and I’m correspondingly angrumpressed.  Which, for those who aren’t almost too into spoonerisms, is a combination of angry, grumpy and depressed.  It’s how I get whenever I have to leave this place, as I feel like I”m being forced to leave my home. When I lived in the UK…

  • The Scotland Photos, and busy-ness.

    The Scotland Photos, and busy-ness.

    (click to enlarge) Posts about Scotland: ____________________________________________________________ This article, about the ‘perils of busyness’, is the kind of thing people are forever tagging me in.  And, given that it’s taken me 5 months to upload my promised Scotland photos, they may have a point!  So, I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  I’ve also just about finished…

  • Douche Душ Dusche

    Douche Душ Dusche

    Sometimes English is weird.  There is, of course, the example of ‘pineapple’, which manages to be called ‘ananas’ in all the other languages: informs me that the word ‘pineapple’ comes from ‘pine’ + ‘apple’ (really helpful there), which still makes about zero sense.  I’ve just done a similar search for ‘shower’ (because isn’t etymology…

  • Grand Re-Entrance

    Grand Re-Entrance

    It is good to be back! I have been a very busy girl, and am already falling behind on blog posts – terrible, I know. I made the notes for this particular post while sitting in Pret a Manger, after talking to a particularly beautiful Slovak man. I was in the cafe waiting for Craig,…

  • Gallic Saints

    Gallic Saints

    After making the notes for yesterday’s post, I went and met up with Kiwi Craig. I really wanted to go to my favourite pasta place in London – I went and had an amazing pumpkin ravioli with walnut sauce before getting my tattoo last year, and keep trying to go back. I say ‘trying’, because…