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  • Back to Blighty

    Back to Blighty

    (8/4/13)   One of my favourite parts about arriving to a new country by plane is that first moment when you step outside, and pass from the recycled, air-conditioned, over-used air into air with entirely different smells and flavours.  Every time I get back to the UK, it just smells like home to me: it…

  • Boots and tours

    Boots and tours

    (16/05/2013) My second day back in the UK was spent looking for boots.  Having size 43 feet is rather a challenge at times, and in fact all day, I found just three pairs of boots in my size.  Two were hideous, and the other cost $600.  But oh my god were they lovely.  Until I…

  • A Finnish Phenomenon

    A Finnish Phenomenon

    Last Wednesday, I went with the rest of the summer camp into Joensuu, to go on adventures and do some shopping. At the end of the day, we went to the biggest store I think I’ve ever seen, and I set off to buy a range of peculiar items.  But every single place in the…

  • Decorated


    Well, ‘tattoo day’ arrived.  Yesterday, the lady had told me to make sure I got a good night’s sleep and had a good meal beforehand, both of which I did with relish.  After eleven hours of well-deserved rest, I headed off to Soho for a meal.  There’s a plenitude of venues there, from cafes to…

  • Lucky


    Well, it’s been an interesting few days.  Wednesday involved a blend of laziness and wandering around London, before meeting up with a guy called John that evening.  I went to high school with John, and hadn’t seen him since we were both 18 (so around ten years ago!).  He sent me a message on facebook…